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To confirm that the information on this site is up-to-date, please contact Take 2 Bloodstock Pty Ltd.

Warranties and Limitations

Potential buyers are advised to check all details supplied by us for any inaccuracies.

While all care will be taken in helping a potential buyer choose a horse suitable to them, Take 2 Bloodstock Pty Ltd will in no way be held responsible once the monetary transaction has taken place.

Take 2 Bloodstock Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for any injuries to any horse, but will try and keep buyers informed if an injury occurs after we have listed a horse on this site.

The seller must also agree to give Take 2 Bloodstock Pty Ltd three weeks exclusive selling rights once the horse has been given to us to sell. Any contacts given to the seller during this time by Take 2 Bloodstock Pty Ltd which ultimately ends in a sale, the seller must still pay Take 2 Bloodstock Pty Ltd.

Take2Bloodstock advertises details of horses in good faith but makes no warranties express or implied of the veridicality of any of the details of any horse or its soundness for any purpose. Take2Bloodstock cannot be responsible for consequences that may result from sale or purchase of an advertised or recommended horse. It is advised that a Veterinarian report be obtained prior to exchange of monies.

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